Friday, November 30, 2007

Fastest FO in a long time!!! It's RAINING!

It's's actually raining. In Gilbert. In Arizona. The desert. How cool is that? Two weeks ago it was about 90 degrees.

The downside is, my fibro does not like the rain. The rest of me loves it. You folks in the Pacific Northwest probably aren't impressed. But I love the rain. Probably because it's such a rarity in my life. Perfect knitting, sleeping, reading hot cocoa or tea weather!!! (Speaking of tea...the poll closes in a week!)

Oh, and the Camo Earflap hat is DONE!!! An FO in less than a week. Maybe I'm slipping. My knitting ADD took a sabbatical. I don't know, but it is done, and done in plenty of time. Note this day, it may never happen again. Of course, now Josh wants me to make one for ALL the bassists in the Orchestra. That would mean 4 more hats. Before December 17. I find out today if this is something the rest of them want to do....and I was all set to do a scarf (already cast on in that truly obnoxious orange!) and possibly wristwarmers to match. Oh well, we will see. Here's the hat in all it's pom-pommed and tasseled glory:

Off to knit on aforementioned scarf.....

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