Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cloudy Days, Earflap Hat Movin' Along! 8 days left to vote

So here's the masterpiece so far, on the head of it's intended wearer! I still need to make the pom-pom for the top (in the bright orange) as well as long, braided tassels (also in the orange, with some of the "camo" mixed in) for the ear flaps! I have a nice big skein of the orange, which I am going to knit up into a ribbed scarf, possibly with a bit of fringe. Josh is ready for the ear flap tassels to be about 4 feet long...I'm thinking more like 9-12 inches....

Today was a very November-y, overcast day. I don't think I've seen any sun. Quite different for the AZ desert. Good tea, reading, and knitting weather. Not too bad for blogging, either!

I checked out Debbie Macomber's book Susannah's Garden on Monday, and finished it yesterday. Since Susannah was mentioned in the latest of her knitting books, Back on Blossom Street, I wanted to get her story. A nice, quick read. I figured out the "mystery" within the book maybe halfway through, but I still enjoyed it.

The kitties are loving the weather, all except poor old Beas, his arthritis and the cold don't mix too well. I need to get him back on his glucosomine. It's good snuggle weather, so they all pull up an afghan or a lap, and nap their furry little buns off. Milo and Frosty are trying to work out sharing our bed with us. First one in seems to get my side, the other get's Ron's. Beasley likes the blanket on the sofa downstairs, so he usually doesn't come up 'til it's time to yell at me for breakfast.

The tea poll closes in 8 even if you don't drink tea!

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