Monday, November 19, 2007

Another chapter in the saga of Cats and Yarn, Zoe goes hi-tech,and some knitting progress!

As I photograped yet more of my stash for Ravelry, Frosty could not be left out!
Of course, being the pretty boy he is, he simply struck a pose!

Being the cat he is, though, he couldn't resist getting paws on with all that lovely string!!!

Of course, since this is my yarn eating cat, I had to take it away as soon as I snapped this!!!

I really like the photo on the left, it shows his flamepoint mask better than any I've taken. Most of the photos I have, he looks white.

There was a low-cost microchipping clinic at the local Pete & Mac's on Saturday, so Zoe finally has entered the computer age! It's a real relief to know that if she got loose (God forbid) and didn't have her collar (yikes, naked puppy!), she could still find her way back to us!

Despite the busy-ness with the furry fam, I did make some headway with my knitting! I've finally gotten over second-sock-syndrome with my pink and white socks, hooray! It started Wednesday in the waiting room at the lab...I had to get some bloodwork done, and apparently so did the rest of the town! I only had my first row done, but got a good inch or so of cuff there! Then the doctor's office was running behind, so I worked on it for a good hour and a half. Did some more on Saturday, here are the results:
Simple Sock in Three Sizes
From Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi,
knit in Marks & Kattens Clown

I also got about 8 more rows on my Prayer Shawl (no new pics, sorry). Not bad, considering I had to tink back about half the width of the shawl twice yesterday! (One should not knit lace, even simple lace, while on the phone!) All in all, not a bad knitting weekend!

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