Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gratuitous Cat Cuteness!

In the spirit of NOT having to title an entry with the word "overdue," I'vd simply decided to share some feline adorableness:
Sweet, sleepy Frosty

"Uh, excuse me, but could I bathe in PRIVATE????"

Come, on, you KNOW they're cute!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Really, REALLY overdue post...

Okay, so this time it's been nearly a year!!!

Facebook, the devourer of time, sort of took over my online life...I'm seriously considering dialing that back, if not off, and returning to the "simplicity" of the blog form of self-publication. It's just much less time consuming. No gaming and constant live chatting....though I love having gotten in touch with some folks from back in the day!

My knitting life has been fairly steady, I've finished lots of projects since my last post...

Oak Ribbed Sock from Nancy Bush's "Knitting Vintage Socks"

Lichen Ribbed Sock, also from KVS

Currently, I've got these on the needles:

Waving Lace Sock from "Favorite Socks" (Interweave Press)

I'm really enjoying this sock, I'm doing it with Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dye yarn, in the Bordeaux colorway. I love this lace pattern, it's simple enough to remember, and you can find where you are in the pattern without too much trouble. Yet it's varied enough to be interesting to knit, especially since the two previous pairs wer just basic ribbed patterns. Those two were done in two different colorways of Regia Stretch sock yarn. I LOVE the Regia for wear and tear, it holds up excellently, and washes very well. The stretch factor is really nice, they have great memory and don't end up sagging when you wear them. I have two more colorways in my stash!

And miracle of miracles, neither is blue!!!

In my kitty life, sweet Beasley crossed the Rainbow Bridge to pet heaven 2 days after Christmas. He went in his sleep, after 19 long years. He was ready, and now is with my mom and his! He's missed, he added so much humor to my life. The two remaining boys are doing very well, though they've been tussling with one another more often since Beas passed. I suppose it has something to do with pecking order.

Miss Zoe is still my sweet, lovable pup, a clown as always! She's finally finished (fingers crossed!) shedding her coat out, so hopefully I won't be sweeping up hairballs the size of elephants again for a while. I swear, she should be bald!!! It's never been so much before. I think it was the strange weather as summer came on this year, lots of ups and downs in temps, which is strange for Arizona. It's usually just a steady climb to blistering heat!

Hope all is well with any and all who "stop by" to read this...with my lax posting schedule, I'm sure you are fewer and farther between.