Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kitty Knits-a knitter's book review

I have the privilege of being a stop on Donna Druchunas' blog tour for her latest book, Kitty Knits. Donna is the author of another book I admire, Arctic Lace, as well as others. The book is nicely put together, with projects for cat lovers, as well as the cats themselves. I love the variety of skill level available, as well as the variety of knitting styles. Like Donna, I love all sorts of knitting, from lace to felting! There are lots of pictures, clear instructions, and even cat poetry!!! I was hoping to interview Donna herself here, but it didn't work out. She did some Q & A on some of the other stops on her blog tour-links to those are on her webpage.

Here's Donna, with her cats, Dee Dee and Uno:

In my previous post, I mentioned the first project I completed from Kitty Knits, the Felted Catnip mouse. It's a hit, and so fun and easy, I'll be making another-especially since Milo and Frosty are both in love with it.

Milo and the Mouse!

Frosty loves it, too...clearly I'll be making another!

The second project I made from the book is the Bull's Eye Cat bed. It's one of 3 different cat beds in the book, all of which are really adorable! This one most closely resembled a commercial bed that the boys all love, so I chose it. Since it's been on the chair-even before finishing it, it's been occupied regularly! It's worked in the round, in 2 pieces, and stuffed with some batting! It's a fairly simple pattern, good for learning increases and knitting in the round. Again I substituted the called-for yarn with something from my stash. I used up the RH acrylic from the bass hat project, but did buy the novelty yarn. The bed is definitely a hit with the boys, all three have used it, though Frosty uses it most. It sets off his blue eyes nicely!!!!

Early stages-notice Milo already checking it out!

Here it is just prior to stuffing

Stuffed and Finished!


My next project from the book, though, will have to be for me-the Peruvian Cat Lace Scarf!! Beautiful.
I definitely enjoyed the book, and would recommend it! Thanks to Donna, and to her publisher, Martingale and Company, for allowing me to preview the book!!!