Thursday, November 01, 2007

I finally got my Ravelry invite:) Homecoming and Halloween, too

Okay, so I am on ravelry now!!! My screen name there is knitteakitty. So if you want to be Ravelry buddies, that's my "handle." Now I REALLY have to get this picture thing rolling!

Thid kids had Homecoming this past Saturday...I'm waiting on DH for my photos, he takes his camera everywhere with him....time for me to get a digital of my own! They looked so ASAP.

We had quite a few kids for Halloween, though I do have some leftover chocolate (TOO bad!) Lots of Hannah Montana's and Star Wars characters. Zoe loved handing out candy...though I think she really wanted some for herself. Naomi and Anthony handed out...and watched scary movies with us. I fell asleep during the Omen. 1408 was pretty good....gotta love John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson! It was hot yesterday, a typical Arizona Halloween.

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