Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Truce!!!

Well, it's been pretty cold this week, and the boys have been scoping out whatever blankets are around. This fleece on is a feline favorite. I put it on my chair for Beasley, whose old bones suffer in the cold. (Beas is the dark ball of fur hiding his head!) Next thing I know, Milo is snuggling up with him. This isn't surprising, as they nap together occasionally. But when Frosty joined them (the cushion on the chair is one of his very favorite spots), I thought I'd have a heart attack. They were SO cute, I had to get a photo. Or two:

Of course, when Beasley woke up (about 3 hours later), the cease-fire was officially over! Oh well, you can't have everything, I guess...

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