Monday, December 17, 2007

Josh is off...scarf done, but no photo!

Okay, so the Obnoxious Orange Scarf did get completed, even though I was knitting at 2 in the morning! My hands are so stiff I can barely type today! Stuff just kept getting in the way of my getting it done! But done it is. As soon as he either gets back or sends me a photo, I'll post it. It was a simple k4 p4 rib, in RH Super Saver "Pumpkin." It should be called "Traffic Cone Orange" or something. If I ever see a pumpkin that bright, I'll assume it grew near a nuclear power plant or something. I used the yarn left from the trim of his Camo Earflap hat.

As I write, the Orchestra is on the plane to Chicago, the bass section with their bows and hats, and everyone else with their instruments. Basses are being provided for them their, thank God.

Josh was so excited, and I'm excited for him, I only wish I could go, too. Here's Josh and a couple of orchestra buds on their way to a previous clinic:

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