Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas come and gone...

Well, I got through another Christmas. While I am so amazingly grateful for the birth of Jesus, since Mom died in October of 2005, it's just been really tough.
We had a nice, quiet family time this year, really all I want or can handle. On Christmas Eve, we got the tree up, and baked some cookies. The day before, Naomi and Anthony did a bit of decorating in the house, they were so sweet. We also made the fudge and divinity that day. Yesterday we opened gifts, talked on the phone with a few friends and family, and had Mat, Tabitha, Brennan and Austin over. We did our brunch with them, then hung out and watched movies and played games. Cassie worked, and when she got home she joined in, and we exchanged gifts with her. Ron, the kids and I never got out of our jammies!

Frosty got into the spirit, investigating boxes. I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a pic when he was inside the box, looking out at me, but here he is snooping around it!

And here is little Austin Shane, on his very first Christmas:
Now it's time to get to enjoying the vacation time with the kids! And back to getting to work on finishing some of the UFO's!
I seem to be drawn toward afghan projects, so I'm hoping to do some. I want to make a throw for my cousin and her new husband, who ran off and got married. Congratulations Nicole and Lance! I need to make the Babette Blanket for Naomi, as mentioned in an earlier post. I also want to do a Rambling Rows afghan (for Cassie), a Log Cabin Moderne (for ME!!!) and for Brennan, a Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors.
And, of course, Ravelry keeps inspiring me and giving me multitudes more ideas....that queue just keeps growing!

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