Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas rush...finally back to my socks!

Well, DH and I did our shopping yesterday, finally. With finances what they are, it was as minimal as possible.

In trying to get everyone together to do anything in the way of baking and decorating (no, I don't have a single light up!) I have discovered how things change when you have teenagers. Josh got back from the trip on Friday night, went out last night, and will be gone to a party and a gig tonight. He seems to think we can cram it all into Christmas Eve. Sigh.

As for my knitting, I'm working on the gusset decreases on the waiting room socks. My Ravelry queue keeps growing, especially with big projects (i.e. afghans and more afghans, plus a couple of sweaters from the Starmore book I checked out from the library...I think St. Brigid may be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!). My feet may never get warm again. I didn't buy any socks this year, thinking I'd knit a sock wardrobe...I've been wearing lots of thin and holey socks. The next pair up is New England from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. I love the pattern, and they look so warm done in a sport weight. I've got 2 skeins of Nature Spun Sport ready to go!

Today is fudge and divinty day, they need to set, and I will want some when we trim the tree tomorrow. Sorry Josh. We'll do the spritz cookies tomorrow.

If I don't post, I wish any and all who may read this the merriest of Christmases!!

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