Monday, January 28, 2008

A Good Movie, A Good Weekend, and other Good Stuff

Seems like forever since I posted...other than kitteh photos;)

It rained all day yesterday, which we really need, but the cold and damp really make my fibro flare. So achy. Yuck.

Ron and I had a really nice weekend. He took me to see 27 Dresses Saturday night-I loved it! A really funny and sweet romantic comedy, and I even liked the ending! If my opinion matters, I'd recommend it!

I picked out the yarn for Char's purse-I'm using Lion Wool in Dark Teal, Purple, and Ocean Blues (variegated). I'm using a pattern from the Bag-a-holic Yahoo group I belong to. It's called Knot Sew Hobo Bag. It's a felted bag, very simple, but I think I'll add an outside pocket. I've posted a pattern picture.I'm going to do the larger version, add some sort of button, and line it.

Work on my LCM afghan is coming along nicely, I'm still working on the fourth color-block, it's about halfway done. Pretty soon it's going to be too big to carry around easily, so it will be good to get my New England Socks and/or Char's bag OTN. I really need to do both...especially if I want to keep up with my knitting resolutions...I'll get a new photo of my progress soon. I'll have to use Ron or Naomi's camera, and maybe do it outside, it's getting too big for my phone camera, plus I'd like a nicer representation of the colors.

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