Monday, February 11, 2008

Kitty Knits Book Tour...I'm flying solo for awhile.

I'm really excited, as this blog gets to be part of Donna Druchunas' book tour for her new book, Kitty Knits. March 16th I'll have a blog "interview" with Donna, and discuss the book. I'll let everyone know what project I'm working on, and my review of the book, as well. Here's Donna's website!

Milo is voting that I do a bed, because he and Beasley are always in competition for this one:

And of course, no store-bought, fake fleece bed could ever compare to a beautiful, hand knitted one made by his own personal servant! I think he might like it to be a bit bigger, too.

Frosty seconds that:

Methinks the basket is a wee bit too tiny to contain the kitty cuteness!!!

I'm continuing to make progress on Char's Purse. I've put on about 10 rows since this picture was taken. (Sorry for the poor's tough with the camera phone and such a dark color!) It's a fun, quick knit, what with it being double-stranded and worked in the round. It's a good companion to my Log Cabin Blanket, as it's a quicker project, and in stockinette rather than garter. Kind of breaks up any monotony!

Ron flew off to Fiji with the Vision Abolition team on Saturday. I posted a countdown 'til his return. I'm thrilled for the work he's been called to over there, it's just hard being without him for such a long stretch. Though if I think of all the military wives, I have no complaints! I miss him already!

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