Thursday, August 06, 2009

The latest...

So my son is off to do his thing as a roadie for Invisible Children, and since his district isn't anywhere cold, I knitted him a "sock" for his cell phone:

The pattern is free, I found it through Ravelry, the link to Smariek Knits' blog is the caption for this photo. I used leftover sock yarn from my Oak Ribbed socks. It's Regia Stretch color, I think it knitted up wonderfully in this pattern.

Four-Rib Braid I Touch Sock Pattern

I also knitted him a case for the camera he bought to document his trip:

This pattern was also free, and found through Ravelry. Doing the math for sizing took a bit of time, but from start to finish, the whole thing only took maybe 2 hours. For this one, I used leftover yarn from Josh's Camo Earflap hat. It's Red Heart in the "Woodsy" colorway. He picked the button out of my tin of my Grandma's old buttons, so he's got a camera covered in love!!! The link to the blog is also on the caption for this photo!

Free "recipe" for camera case

Currently, I am knitting a ruana for Char, to barter for haircuts, and deciding what to cast on next...I have an 2 purses that need finishing and am still working on my Log Cabin's simply too hot here to have it on my lap right now!!!

If you're curious about Invisible Children, I linked to them at the top of the post. If you want to follow Josh on his adventure, check out his blog:!

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