Saturday, June 28, 2008

The really overdue post!!!

Okay, it's been literally months since my last post. Life is like that sometimes. I guess I need to see if I've been kicked off any of my blog rings!

Let's see, since my last post, I've done some knitting, I made these cabled socks:

I got the pattern through Ravelry. They're called Naive Socks by SpillyJane. (PDF pattern here) My pics probably don't do my socks justice, as they were taken with my phone, still a problem. I knitted them in Opal Prisma on size 2's. The next time I do the pattern-and I will probably do it again-I would do the leg portion on 3's, as the cables really tighten up the leg and reduce elasticity.

I am really pleased with the result, though!

I also made another cat bed-the Kitty Pi from Wendy Knits. Milo has claimed it as his and sleeps in it EVERY day. Seriously. Definitely the most used cat thing I've ever knitted. The other cats haven't had a chance to lay in it even once.

Kitty Pi pre-felt-Notice Mr. Milo already staking his claim...Mi says, "My kitteh Pi!"

Blocking-I used a Tupperware cake carrier and a bunch of towels.

Look at the face!! This was taken about a minute after I finished blocking, and wanted a photo of the bed. There was no way I'd get the pic without the cat! A "Milo Pie!"

I used Paton's Classic Merino, double stranded, Worn Denim and Wedgewood colorways on size 11's. It took 1 skeins of each, and was just short of enough. Fortunately I had some in my leftovers to finish the last row or so. The eyelash was a skein from my stash-Berroco Zoom in brown.

Well, it's off to the Saturday morning Stitch n' Bitch!!!

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